About Us

PrintMyPets is owned and run by Gillian and Ian from their 18th century chocolate box farm house in Bretherton, Lancashire, UK.

The Products
Gill and Ian love animals. They share their delightful farm home with a variety of wonderful characters, who are all treated with as much love as possible.

PrintMyPets offers a resource for customers to send their own pictures for use on a range of products. With a stunning range of tech, kitchen, homeware and gifts items - from phone cases to mugs and mouse mats to candles.

The couple can print pictures of your pets (kids, partners or anyone else!) on a huge range of fantastic products. 
As devoted lovers of animals, Gill and Ian have sourced top quality pictures that appeal to like-minded people. Some serious, some fun and some just adorable. The range of stock and print-on-demand products includes many that have already become fast selling, highly desirable, sought after gems! 

The shop is also full of an amazing range of homeware and wonderful gift ideas such as door stops, cards, notebooks, wheat bags for adults and kids and much more. Take a look around and we’re sure you’ll love what we have to offer. Email us with your pets for prices or just for fun!

The Pets
Besides Gill and Ian, the farm is currently home to two black labradors - Jake and Ben, two horses - Buster and Dottie and two goats named Thelma and Louise. The farm has been home to many more.
Sadly, most animals don’t live as long as us humans. Last year the farm saw some very sad losses as Sam the German Shepherd (Gill’s best friend and shadow) and Jay, the almost human Oldenburg Warmblood riding horse passed away.

In their twelve years on the farm, Gill and Ian have had two inseparable cats - Snow and Smudge, a beautifully natured British Bull Terrier bitch named Saffie, a huge honey monster Cleveland Bay William, three very noisy Alpacas- Doughall, Oscar and Echo and 20 chickens, including a cockerel named The General. The ¼ acre pond is also well stocked with some very clever carp that Ian knows by name and are far too clever to catch!

The loss of their animals prompted Gill and Ian to start the business. They miss all their passed pets and cherish their pictures. Finding fun and exciting ways to remember them has always appealed to them and the PrintMyPets idea just came about after a tough year.

Celebrating our animals is key to us and our customers. Everyone who loves their animals shares a special bond with us, we are pleased and delighted to furnish our products with your wonderful images.

The People
Gill shows horses in local and county events. She and Buster (show name Cobbie Williams) made it to the Royal International Horse Show and are now hoping for an appearance at The Horse of the Year Show (HOYS).
Ian assists with the horses and loves to walk the dogs but his main hobby isn’t on the farm. It isn’t even on the ground! Skydiving has been his passion since starting at 50 and he’s never looked back.